Frequently Asked Questions Sattaking (Satta King )(FAQ)

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1. What is satta king or satta matka game ? ?

Satta king is the game which is mostly played in india the real name of this game is called “Satta Matka” it is like a lottery system like you buy any lottery number in a same way you buy a number between 0 to 99 in satta king game. Sattaking is the combination of two words satta and king where satta means you can call bidding and the matka you can call random number drawn. So you buy a number and if your number is selected or drawn then you will be the winner or the game.

2. How did satta king/ satta matka game started ?

Satta king is a game which is playing in most of the by different names but if we talk about satta king this game is originally from india and know by satta matka game as well in few states. Now this game is very popular in india and lots of people start bidding in the sattaking game or you can say satta matka game. Its is started with digits.

3. How did this satta king game started in india ?

The credit goes to sattamatka and satta king which introduced in india and there are millions of people like this game and start playing . some of the people think that this is a gambling game but that’s not true. You can say sattaking is the lottery number game or you can call it satta matka or satta king. Rules are simple to play this game just choose your lucky number start bidding on it if your number is selected you will be the winner for that game.There are many people look for this game or search for this game by : Satta King, सट्टा किंग, Sattaking, Satta result, Gali satta, Gali result, Desawar result, Disawar result, faridabad result, gaziyabad result, Satta king up, Satta king live, Satta live result, Satta King live result, Satta king online result, Satta bazar

4. How many type of satta king game are played ?

Satta king game is played by the name of sattaking satta matka only in india . It played in different state of india by there state name as well like : satta king desawar satta king gali satta king faridabad satta king ghaziabad shri ganesh satta king satta king satta king delhi bazar satta king ghaziabad satta king kashipur satta king satta matka king satta king Nagpur gujarat satta king satta king result satta king up

5. Is satta king game legal to play in india?

Satta king game is illegal in india somehow but lots of people play this game on there own risk you just have to pay a small amount of fine if you got caught or if it is on high level then you may be in jail as well so play satta king or satta matka on your own risk.

6. Can we play satta king game online ?

Obviously yes you are free to play satta king game online there are lots of websites and application are available online to play satta matka or sattking game online . sattakingbest is the one of the website from where you can check the satta king result online or if you wich to play you can do that too.

7. How we can play satta king game online and offline ?

Satta king game is very easy to play you just need to know few rules about this game like this game is completely on numbers between 0 to 99 and combination of these numbers. Simple choose your number and start bidding on it.l win the game.

8. How we can get a winning number in satta king?

You can use your mind to create your lucky number or most of the people go through the old data old satta king numbers which were selected earlier or you can directly reach sattakingbest as well for any help.

9. Is it true that someone give a leak number of sattaking ?

There are lots of people you will find that they are assuring you that they will give you a leak number of satta king game but don’t trust on it because there is no leak number on maket and no one can provide you a leak number for satta king game .They just want money and making you fool they will charge you a big amount for that and at the end you will see that number doesn’t work they will block your number and will not going to respond you once they got money from you.

10. We should play satta king game or not ?

Everyone is free to play satta king game its all up to you that you want to play or not everyone is self decision maker for this. So if you understand the game and you wish you to play so you can but it is all about the luck and your you can say your strategy which you are using. We have found there is less chance to win the satta king game because if you luck is on top then no one can beat you.span>

11. What you should know when play satta king game ?

Most of the people we have seen those who are playing this game or want to play this game is just because they want to earn money quickly . you can earn money quickly but you can also loose the quickly. So before you play satta king game understand the game examine the game and then you can try to play it if you want on your own risk.

12. What is the reality of satta king game ?

This is the wrong perception of the satta king players that the number which will be declared is on any kind of calculation but that’s not true most of the satta matka company check the investment on which number people bid less. And selected number is always fixed because the satta company also in the market to earn money.